T4G \ Teatro 4Garoupas

  T4G , Teatro 4Garoupas  presents a concept for young audiences, that doesn’t make any concessions on well-known formulas of the children  and youth theatre conventions, instead trying to push the boundaries of what it means to produce children- youth theater nowadays and international context. 

We consider our engagement a task that possibly means having to step on unknown, sometimes treachery grounds in our artistic life. Together with today’s youth, we face a challenge: to create a new vivid vision of a world which can help us to find orientation in times where values have an expiration date.

T4Gs looks for this vision, investigating the fundaments of our emotional existence. We are furthermore convinced of the innovative qualities of a theatre that relies on the direct encounter between - earthlings.


Teatro 4Garoupas, DE / Cie Carré Blanc, FRA / Dançando Por  Um Futuro, BRA

Auf der Bühne rollt eine Planetenkugel. Oder ist es vielleicht eine Arche oder ein Kokonhaus? Eine Tänzerin schlüpft in die Falten und Knicke der Stoffe, in die Wellen der Chiffontücher, in die Weichheit von Seide, Taft und Abaca, die zerknittert, gefaltet oder ziseliert sind.. 

Erwachsenwerden ist eine Metamorphose. Aufblühen, aus der Puppe schlüpfen, entdecken, wegfliegen, in See stechen.

The Feeling Of What Happens

motherEarth International is a British Council Creative Commission for COP27. In short, motherEarth International is a dance film collaboration between 9 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, UK, India, Ukraine, Denmark, Indonesia) responding to the climate and ecological emergency. ThisEgg have worked alongside University of Cambridge and Cambridge Science Festival to pair creative teams together with a climate researcher local to them. There is also a podcast series to accompany the films.

T4G + Barbara Lechner: 

Was Die Berge Wissen / What The Mountains Know - Hürth, 2021

WHAT THE MOUNTAINS KNOW tells about the children who grow up here and the stories, legends and myths that people tell each other here. What does it mean to make this living space worth living in? How does living together shape people and mountains?  How do they "breathe" together?


Hello,  we are Amazonas Network . We encourage intercultural, international exchanges in the area of theater for young audiences and dance.


Platform and Production House

K A P I L A R! is a closed platform/website where venues/festivals/organizers for children's and youth theater and dance can connect and share information about international guest performances, collaborations, residencies. It is about improved sustainability of professional guest performances from the Global South, with a focus on Latin America. K A P I L A R! is initially a European network.

Tim Etchells (Campo): That Night follows Day – Dass die Nacht dem Tag folgt: - Köln, 2010

16 kids are building a choir: performing the paradoxes and ambiguities of parental advices, pedagogical exercises, world-visions and declaration about how the world runs and why things are how the are. (Nominated for the Koelner Theaterpreis 2010, selected to the Festival Maulhelden 2010)

Guy Krneta: Ursel - Köln, 2008

6 year old Ursel is fighting against the specter of her 3 year old brother, who fell out of a window and died. Since then her parents don´t even recognize their daughter Ursel any more, she is fighting for her self-consciousness and to having her own life. With humor and cleverness she succeeds in bringing her parents back to presence.

Suzanne van Lohuizen:  O Pequeno - Sao Paulo, 2004

(Wer hat meinen kleinen Jungen gesehen?) Kamil and Lunter, are lamenting, longing and quarreling about their little son´s life, sometimes not even convinced he does exist. Their imagination and desperation are filling in their daily conversations and every day worries and defining their relationship towards each other. Our Beckett for children.

"...Thus, out of sentences that we have all heard at least once in our lives at home, a strange, difficult and enigmatic theater performance is constructed, "Who has seen my little boy", directed by Arno Kleinofen, with Bebê de Soares and Carlos Cesare. Do not try to understand it, do not expect linear narrative structures and, above all, do not be afraid that what does not reveal will not be revealed. Strangeness / Alienation is healthy - a maxim that was already valid for the previous play by the same author, "Papais e Ovos", in the FAAP Theater in 2001. 

"...with phrases that everyone has already heard at home...is build a strange and difficult and instigating and enigmatic performance." (D.C. Neto, O Estado de Sao Paulo)

"...the espectator leaves the performance completely involved." (Monica Rodrigues da Costa, Folha de Sao Paulo)

Heleen Verburg: Papais e Ovos - Sao Paulo, 2001

The story of a pair of penguins, falling in love and their family planning, that doesn’t work out. The sentimental and lyrics obsessed mate doesn´t compete with the self-consciousness of the female penguin, having her own imaginations as education and family life is concerned. The unborn penguin is given a voice, considering the variety of possible existences and deciding against a life as penguin.

"Papais e Ovos" goes in the opposite direction from everything that is usually called children's theater in Brazil. It's daring, anticonventional, strange. Just the way real works of art should be.

..It's not children's theater, neither theater for younsters, nor theater for adults - it's theater and that's it - of the best quality. (Dib Carneiro Neto, O Estado de Sao Paulo)

...Brillant!  (Humberto Slowik, Gazeta do Povo)

My M(other)s Courage

 A production of T4G - TEATRO 4GAROUPAS in cooperation with AMAZONAS NETWORK

Concept and Direction Arno Kleinofen Bebê de Soares Dramaturgy Arno Kleinofen Production Amazonas Network

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